Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunfest '09

Devin absolutely loves Sunfest - the booths, food, face painting, jupiter jump... etc. Actually I really like it to when it isn't a sauna outside. This year it was a sauna, that's why we only have two pics.

Dev and Maja, our favorite and pretty much only babysitter.

Dev saw Sam, a friend from school, and they watched a dog show. All of the dogs were rescued from bad homes and taught to catch frisbees and do tricks. It was fun to watch (even if it was 105 degrees). You can see the little dog head in between the boys.

I love the hat turned backwards...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

VBS '09

Devin had a blast at Vacation Bible School.
I went on the last day because they had a Jupiter Jump and Dunk Tank.
Dev and Cooper lovin' some Snow Cones

Jupiter Jump

DUNK TANK.... Dev on his way up.....

I had the video on and turned it off right before he was dunked.
Luke took him down. (so glad he's on our baseball team)

Luke sent him down...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

KWON Sponsored - "The Athletics"

Coach Pittser & Coach Hammack

It was 19 to 1 - that's why they look so relaxed... :-)

All Hail Coach Pittser - He is an awesome coach!!!!

Luke started the game off with a Home Run - woohoo!

He was so proud

Coach and his daughter Natalie
After the game, Nat was our cheerleader. She made all the boys give her a "high five".

Nat gave her big bro a "high five"

Great game guys!

Go Devin!!!!
What Snow Cone?

I love this, you can see the ball right before he hits it.

We have the cutest cheerleaders in the league - Emma, Eleana and Natalie.

Heather, Coach Bill's wife, and Coleman, Natalie and Eleana's mom

Jill, mom to Luke, Emma (they are twins), Ryan and Nicholas

hhhhmmm can't wait to show this pic to his first girlfriend... lol

Warming up...

Emma and Ryan running the bases after the game.

Yea! He got to first base - woohoo go Devin!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Night

On the way home from the ball park, Devin drove me crazy. He kept asking if he could watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with Summer and Michael
(great friends we are lucky to have as neighbors).
After I said "yes", he was gone......
I walked in the door, and the normally pokey puppy had already changed and was popping "his" bowl of popcorn.
He popped his bowl and told Summer to pop "hers". (Yes, he's bossy, that's why I love Summer, she puts up with my bossy kid with the cutest smile ever - she is the ultimate peace maker.)
Then, Bossy Bulah (aka Devin) made Summer and Michal wear 3D glasses.
Ooops I had the flash off... but this is how it really looked.

Sweet Summer ~ Peace MakerBossy Bulah ~ chillin'

I was able to get pics of Dev and Summer while they were watching the movie but Michael had to pose.
Michael was hyped - he rocked at his baseball game tonight!

Devin LOVES his Papa

My dad showed up to mow today (thank goodness for my dad or my yard would look like a jungle - yes, I'm spoiled but very very very appreciative). When he got to the backyard Dev came in with a long face. When I asked what was wrong he said "I'm not even going to ask if I can ride because I know that he will say 'no'". A few minutes later I sent him out with some water. Dad didn't want it but told me to call Devin so he could ride.

Devin even got to drive!!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Last day of First Grade

The school had a field day on the last day of school. They had Sack Races, Egg Toss, Frisbee Throw, etc... Devin won 2 First Place ribbons - one for the Sack Race and the second was for Tug of War. He also won a Third Place ribon for the Frisbee Throw.


Tug of War - Mrs. Daake's class vs Mrs. Hefner's Class - we won!!!

It was sooooo hot outside that Scouty helped Dev cool off.

Dev and his classmates, Dylan, Joshua and Matthew

Our long time friend Andrew (in the light blue shirt)

The very sweet Mrs. Daake, Devin's First Grade Teacher

Josh found a caterpillar - the kids passed him around

I was the keeper of the caterpillar during races

Devin loves to play with Summer and Michael, our neighbors. Almost on a daily basis, Dev watches out the window until they come home. He got home before they did on the last day of school and from 12 to 3 he sat by the window waiting for them to come home so they could play in the sprinkler. They played hard for almost 3 hours.



Michael got Devin

There is nothing more fun than playing in the sprinkler.

I had to get the camera when I found Devin asleep in his beed at 8:30/8:45. He is the kid who never sleeps.